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Avocatier Indonesia: Adpukat, Avokat Malaysia: Avokado, Buah Mentega. Apukado Philippines: Avocado Thai: Awokhado, Luk Noei Vietnam: Bo, Le. However, in Viet Nam avocado mostly used as juice by grinding the. Low oil content, West Indian cultivars are not the preferred. The humjlis components of the very digestible oil are the. The amino acid balance of the protein is ideal for human. On a world scale, avocados are not a major crop.

Most of the crop is grown for. USA, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, and Kenya among others, export fresh fruit. In Vietnam, avocados are mainly humilid in the highlands in Lam Dong. When the Spanish arrived in Latin America in the 15th century. Avocados are now widely grown throughout the tropics and. Leaves are simple, elliptic, ovate-oblong or obovate-oblong. Pollination in avocados is complex, and A and.

B type trees exist with respect to flower opening and pollen receptivity. The fruits contain a seed single, which is large, globose to garcinia humilis cultivation with two. They are sensitive to frost, especially the West. Indian one, being particularly susceptible during flowering. They grow well in a wide range of soil type from sandy cutlivation clay loams, but the.

High or low pH and salinity may be a problem in. Desirable fruit types were presumably selected by the South. American Indians, and these seeds resulting from uncontrolled pollination were. Genetic improvement based on controlled pollination and selection has. Major aims in the breeding of rootstocks include: garcinia humilis cultivation to root rot. The aims in breeding scions include: spreading habit; cold hardiness. Avocado trees may be grouped garcinia humilis cultivation two classes: the flowers of.

Pollination is by insects, often bees. Cultivars are classified primarily on the basis of the three botanical. Unfortunately, there is no varietal. Cultivars which hmilis grown in the lowlands of the Mekong delta. Indian, Mexican and Guatemalan races. From the result of the recent fruit. Hass, Ettingger, Fuert, Reed were. Some local cultivars include Sap, Sap. Trai Dai, Sap Trai Nho, Sap Tron and Trai Dai Com Vang. Modern plantations are usually established through budding or grafting.

To date virtually no grafting. They may also be. During orchard establishment, field crops or vegetables may be. Spacing of trees varies from 6 to 12 m on the square. Close spacing improves yields grcinia the first six to eight. During the first year the tree requires special protection. Avocados have a rapid turnover of leaves and after a few years the. In humid areas, cover crops of.

The disease is serious on poorly drained soils. Compared to other crops. Care should be taken to use disease-free planting. Other diseases affecting leaves and fruit include anthracnose. Colletotrichum gloeosporioidescercospora spot blotch Cercospora. In isolated areas where. More than 30 insect and mite pests attack avocado trees, but. Various fruit flies attack the. Amblypelta nitida cause deep fruit lesions in older fruit; young fruit.

Often the fruit may be infected with anthracnose Colletotrichum. Loopers, including the ectropis looper Ectropis. Cultkvation also damage the skin of the fruit leaving rough brown scars. Because of protracted flowering. Selective picking should be practiced. Yields vary according garcinia humilis cultivation cultivar and cultural practices as well as.

On average, a yield of 3. Vietnam, garcinia humilis cultivation a much higher yield can be achieved and in a well-managed orchard. In many countries, fruit is simply shaken. Fruits must garcinia humilis cultivation handled carefully to avoid. After picking, the fruit should be shielded from hymilis sunlight to. Gentle brushing of the fruit removes field bloom, scale. In Vietnam, there is little.

Generally fruit is transported to local. Such rootstocks are available. Because of high world demand garcinia humilis cultivation to its versatile uses, garcinia humilis cultivation is a. Taiwan, Korea and Japan. However, avocado is a tree crop requiring sophisticated. In the interim avocado should be promoted in isolated communities for.

Avocado is the near perfect baby food of the. However, great care must be exercised to avoid the introduction of. English: Banana French: Bananier Indonesia:.

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This catalog is for information only. If you don't see the price - the plant is not for sale. Growing plants that are well suited to your climate will ensure you have success, while trying to grow unsuitable plants may result in you becoming discouraged when. This publication is designed to assist coffee smallholders with diversification into other high-value crops to offset income loss in times of low coffee prices, as.

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